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  1. 1.    To facilitate child focused research to inform public policy and programming

    2.    To undertake advocacy in the best interest of children

    3.    To strengthen capacities of child focused organizations/institutions in advancing

    In an effort to see our vision of a nation where all children achieve their full potential.  The Children Agenda Forum hope to see the following outcomes in year 2016/2017.

    Objective One: To facilitate child focused research to inform public policy and programming

    OUTCOME 1.1: Improved reporting among child focused CSOs and with the government agencies at national and county level

    Reporting by both government and the children sector has been cited as a major challenge in implementing and monitoring children programs in Kenya. The Forums intends to bridge this gap through a number of interventions.

    An Interactive web based platform where forum members can post and access information about children. The GSM enabled platform will map every service provider per county and child services provided. In addition the map will be able to provide real time data on the number of children reached per age, gender and ability. Users will be able to compute data on the quality and quantity of the social workforce. Click here to see the prototype.

    In partnership with the department of children services and the National Council for Children Services. The forum will hold joint planning meeting for the children sector, this will ensure that important children interventions are prioritized by both government and the child focused CSOs.

    The Forum will work at the county level to strengthen reporting of children interventions which will be reported during quarterly meetings at county and National level. To do this the forum in collaboration with government will develop a standardized reporting tool which will be used by child sector stakeholder. All stakeholders working in the children sector will submit the filled reporting tool to the county children officer. The reports will be compiled per county and submitted and or presented by the children county coordinators at the quarterly meetings. We believe this will improve coordination and accountability from the county level through to the National level.


    Outcome 1. 2: Enhanced access to and utilization of data for decision making and knowledge management

    The children sector lags behind in the utilization of data in decision making all over the world. In Kenya most service providers don’t use evidence to inform their programing. Hence in order to improve use of data the forum has proposed a number of activities.

    Development of standard indicators for children in Kenya, the indicators will be in line with sustainable development goals, the Vision 2030 and National plan of action and synced the Child Information Management System.

    In January, 2016 the SDGs came into effect, whereas the goals are globally accepted we still don’t know the current status of SDGs and children in Kenya. Hence the Forum plans to have a nationwide baseline survey on SDGs that are context and children specific. The forum will have a 3 days’ workshop to draft the Terms of Reference and a costed research protocol for the Baseline. The forum hopes the results from the baseline will form the basis on which SDG interventions in Kenya will be implemented.

    In order to improve evidence based child programing the forum has partnered with Africa Population for Health Research Center (APHRC) to develop a research agenda framework. The research framework will be used to identify and fill research gaps. The forum will continue to build the capacity of its members on evidence based programing through class room training and practice as part of the research agenda.

    Objective Two: To undertake advocacy in the best interest of children

    Outcome 2.1. Increased resource allocation in the National budget for the children sector.

    The budgetary allocation for children has over the year been reduced, the financing for development conference recommended that for SDGs to be truly sustainable governments have commit to increase allocation to the achievement of this goals. The forum believes the government both county and national are able to finance children services effectively by prioritizing children. Hence the forum has planned to engage both county and national government to increase allocation for children services, this will be done by building the capacity of CSOs on the National budgeting process to engage county governments from the planning stage of the budget cycle. The forum will hold workshops to analyze different budgeting documents such as sector reports, Budget policy statement, county fiscal reports and budget estimates to give inputs and recommendations on budgeting for children. The forum will also analyze the final budget and interpret it to a child friendly version and disseminate it to children

    The forum will also support special session on budgeting for children at the national and county government. The session will give children an opportunity to give their views on the budgeting process.

    Outcome 2.2. A national framework for children covering all sectors in place

    Kenya does not have an integrated children policy, the forum through its members will support the government in the development of a children policy that will guide laws to do with children. The process will include development of a CSO report, children consultation, county/regional consultation and special group’s consultation.

    Outcome 2.3. A progressive children law in place

    The development of a new children’s law are at an early stage, the forum will support the government in ensuring that the law making is a consultative as possible and a new law is in place by the end of 2016.

    Outcome 2.4. Increase in child sensitive decision making

    Children constitute over 50% of the Kenyan population hence the need for consideration of children in every development and governance decision making. The forum will work to influence decision in best interest of children at all decision making concerning them. The forum will do this by developing position papers, memorandums and lobbying to decision making. The forum estimates at least one position paper and memo per month and a lobby meeting per quarter.

    Objective Three: To strengthen capacities of child focused organizations/institutions in advancing

    Outcome 3.1: increased meaningful child participation in decision making from ward level to national level

    Child participation is still a challenge in Kenya, hence the forum will embark to build the capacity of children actors on child participation, and this will be through trainings and workshops. The forum through its members will lobby for the review of the public participation policy to include children. The forum will also translate the participation guidelines to user and especially child friendly version.


    In partnership with the government, the forum will hold an annual children summit, where the annual state of the Kenya child will be disseminated. The conference will be a platform of improving children visibility at the National and county level.



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